Venturi helps Small to Mid-sized Enterprise (SME) management teams through delivering financial, performance, and future focused insights to drive growth and increase 

enterprise value.  

Venturi is powered by an innovative technology platform that integrates financial (Quickbooks Online/Xero), sales/CRM (e.g. Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive) and non-financial data to create the most comprehensive view of your business performance.  

SME Problems in Need of a Solution

Flying Blind

Looking Backwards

Looking Backwards

  “I’m frustrated at how long it takes to get basic financial and management reports on how we are doing – it’s like I’m flying blind most of the time and only a month later can I see what happened, but that’s too late!” 



SMEs need up to date, near real-time information on how they are performing. This information needs to cover traditional financial reporting, such as P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow, but also performance metrics using non-financial operational data. 

Looking Backwards

Looking Backwards

Looking Backwards

“As someone in charge of making this business work, I need to look forward, not backward. I can’t make the best decisions if I can’t see how we’re tracking, and what the impact will be of decisions I make today.” 


SMEs want more support to look forwards and project into the future their business performance and financial position. They want smart forecasting to guide better decision making about growth options, investments, cost control, and taking on debt. We know that 80% of SMEs lack credible forward looking forecasts for their business. 

Destroying Value

Looking Backwards

Destroying Value

“My goal is to grow my business and make it more valuable every year. I’ve got to have that top of mind and make sure that everything we do actually does make our business more valuable”. 


SMEs are all about focusing on the enterprise value of their businesses. For entrepreneurs, investors, and key employee shareholders, understanding the drivers of business value is needed to make the best medium to long term strategic decisions the help the equity owners maximise their returns”. 

How can Venturi help?

The Venturi solution was born from addressing these very specific SME business problems. Our solution gathers disparate financial and non-financial data from multiple applications into one platform; presents that data in user friendly graphical figures and formats; derives expert-led analytics insights; uses smart robust forecasting functionality to project future results based on key assumptions; and presents enterprise value estimates to guide strategic decision making. 

The Venturi solution is built on a technology platform that efficiently and automatically sources required data and presents results that can be accessed 24/7 remotely across multiple devices (PC, tablet, smart phone) and includes an automated alerting service linked to meeting or missing key performance indicators.

Our Clients

Small to Medium Enterprises


We support the Senior Management Teams of fast growing small to medium sized businesses.  These teams need faster access to better forward-looking insights into their business performance. 

In addition, we support Accountancy Firms w ho are eager to improve the management reporting their provide to their clients.   We also support  private equity or venture capital backed investors who are seeking professional and independent management reporting and strategic insights into their portfolio companies. 

Venturi Insights


Financial Insights

Our starting point is to connect to your existing Xero or Quickbooks account, enabling us to synchronize with your latest financial accounting data.  

Venturi then delivers an enhanced set of financial metrics and highly visual dashboards designed to focus your attention on the important aspects of your business. 


Performance Insights

Our next level of service brings in three key components:

1 - Non-financial data - businesses need more than just financial data to understand their true performance.

2 - Smart forecasting -  According to our research 80% of SME do not create future looking forecasts for their businesses. SMEs want more support to look forwards and project into the future their business performance and financial outlook.

3 - Revenue operations - smart forecasts must integrate with your CRM sales pipeline data, for a more complete and accurate projection of future performance


Strategic Insights

Our top tier of service allows clients to access our proprietary strategy consulting expertise, which has been adapted to suit the needs of the SME community.

Our experts will conduct a limited series of workshops designed to  develop a series of strategic scenarios that will enable you to model what the implications are of you making key strategic decisions, such as launching a new product or entering a new market.


The Venturi platform delivers leading-edge data integration, the latest in analytics and forecasting capabilities, highly visual reporting and access to a range of highly experienced experts.

Venturi Pricing Plans

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