Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Discovery Call?


Our starting point is to schedule a 30 minute Discovery Call with one of our partners.  

The purpose of the Discovery Call is to give us an opportunity to understand your business and specifically, the issues and opportunities you face with regards to your accountancy requirements.   

During the Call, you will have the chance to ask us more about the Venturi solution.  

We find this is the most effective way to gain a common understanding of the potential fit between your needs and our solution.

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What are the benefits of using Venturi?


Our aim is to provide next generation chartered accountancy solutions to high growth and medium sized businesses.  

We combine accountancy, tax and strategy expertise, utilise the latest cloud-based accountancy tools, and analyse and report performance using the latest strategy and forecasting applications.

Our solution is designed to: optimise the finance function; reduce pressure on management: and identify and seize profitable growth opportunities.

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How much do you charge?


We estimate the annual costs of providing services to your business, based upon a rapid assessment of your accounting activities and required deliverables, such as a book-keeping, VAT support, annual accounts preparation.

Our estimate is based upon a combination of fixed and variable services.  Should the level of activity change (up or down), we can adjust our estimates accordingly.

We have also introduced charging on a fixed monthly basis, which helps clients to better manage their costs.  

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